Why should you hire a fractional CMO?

Introduction A growing number of marketers are experimenting with new ways to grow their company. Hiring a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is not enough to take your digital marketing agency or e-commerce brand to the next level. If you want to scale your business and get the right tools at the right time, hiring a […]

Who should hire a fractional CMO?

Introduction One of the biggest challenges an organization must face when it wants to grow is how to find new talent and hire top-notch leaders. Companies that are able to handle this challenge effectively have a significant competitive advantage because they can attract the brightest minds in their field with ease. In order to find […]

Where can you find a fractional CMO?

Introduction As the digital economy continues to accelerate, the role of chief marketing officer (CMO) is expanding as well. In fact, it’s a great time to be a CMO because of how rapidly digital has become integrated into other marketing channels. In most B2C and B2B companies, the CMO is responsible for coordinating all brand […]

When should you hire a fractional CMO?

Introduction In an age of digital transformation and integration, it’s getting increasingly harder for brands to stand out from the crowd. Digital channels are multiplying and your customers expect a seamless experience wherever they go online. In today’s digital-first world, consumers are used to accessing their favorite brands through various devices. Therefore, it has become […]

What does a fractional CMO do?

In the digital world, consumers are constantly searching for value. They’re looking for brands that align with their values and provide them with experiences that will help them grow as individuals and as a collective. The CMO role has evolved to include a strategic lens in addition to operational execution. This includes the areas of […]

What does “fractional CMO” mean?

Introduction The CMO role is changing. More and more companies are recognizing that giving the C-suite title to one person—the current, full-time marketing leader—isn’t ideal. The growing complexity of marketing technology, data storage, and artificial intelligence means the CMO needs to be able to act as the chief strategist for the entire company. However, just […]

How to become a fractional CMO? Step by Step process

The process of becoming a fractional chief marketing officer The digital era has changed the way businesses operate, from marketing to sales, from operations to finance. It’s now essential for any business to have a functioning digital strategy in place. Furthermore, with the growth of digital marketing and e-commerce, there’s an increased demand for companies […]

How much does a fractional CMO cost?

How much is a fractional CMO? There are a variety of ways a fractional CMO may price their services. They can cost anywhere from $50-500+ per hour or they may take payment in a small equity portion of the business. The overall cost and pricing structure varies widely based on the experience of the fractional […]