What is a fractional CFO and what do they do?

Introduction A CFO is the Chief Financial Officer of a company or organization. Typically, they are responsible for managing a company’s finances, investments and accounting. A CFO is often tasked with analyzing financial data and making decisions based on that data. Sometimes company’s opt for a fractional CFO instead of a full-time CFO if they […]

What is a fractional CTO and what do they do?

Intro A fractional CTO is a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who specializes in working closely with the business side of an organization. A fractional CTO operates as part of the executive team and is responsible for identifying, prioritizing, and implementing new technology solutions that advance the company’s business strategy. The fractional CTO should be able […]

What is a fractional COO and what do they do?

Introduction A fractional COO is a Chief Operating Officer who has a smaller portfolio than the standard COO. For example, instead of running an entire company, they might focus on just one division or department. It could also mean they only work part-time at the company and also are a COO for other companies as […]

What is a fractional CMO and what do they do?

Introduction A fractional chief marketing officer, or F-CMO, is someone who works and practices within the field of marketing but is not an official member of the corporate marketing department. They work with brands, agencies, and digital agencies to help businesses grow their customer base, build brand awareness, and develop an effective wholistic marketing strategy […]